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truck collided with the teen at jefferson avenue andal immediate a redwood city at 8:30 where lillian kim is live with the story. lillian? >>reporter: the fogy wet conditions certainly made for slick roads in this intersection was no exception. this is where the collision occurred and it didn't take long for people to stop by and pay their respects. tragic death of teenager girl has affected the entire community. even members of san mateo county fire department came to the intersection to bring flowers. they didn't know the girl personally but felt compelled to be here. >> i felt like we needed to come over and memorize her and if something were to happen to my kid i would want them to be remembered and.nored. >>reporter: she was only 14 years old. on her way to woodside high school when she was the victim of what appears to have been a freak accident. she was on her bike. making a right turn from jefferson avenue on to alameda redwood city. but witness say she slid and got caught in the rear tire of a pickup truck which was also making a right turn. weather conditions may hav
the storm hits, they will need help clearing those drains, obviously. the city is looking for volunteers to pitch in to get that job done. now, crews in the north bay are also getting ready for the storms.abc7 news abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live from a sandbaga. folks there have needed the sandbags many times before. >> absolutely, dan. sandbag stations are open across the north bay tonight. and i have to tell you, not much sand left at this one here in san anselmo. people have been here all day getting ready for the rain. >> renee is not taking chances. he is filling sandbags. >> we are at the bought m to of the hill in san rafael. it comes down the hill hard. just taking precautions and got a little flooded last year. >> san anselmo is one of many cities providing the do it yourself sandbag station. joy this is our high water mark and -- >> this is our high water mark and in the store it was four and a half feet high. and it was not just water. it was mud. >> marty is uneasy about the approaching storms. in 2005 she lost everything in her downtown sannen sal mow store. -- s
waiting here but check out where i was earlier. at city target on mission. long line filed in. up escala the escalator at 9:00 o'clock into a little piece of black friday shopping heaven. over all things pretty well organized by the target employees. few people rushed to the electronic section because people wait entered line for hours to get one of those sale tv. tv. then there was this group of ladies from l.a. >> we have a book we have a razor, alcohol we have common day things want to be part of the festivities. >>reporter: you wait entered line how long? >> actually pretty quick. not a bad line. came from the marriott thanks giving dinner. peeled in the line a little yelled out back to the line came in very festive. >>reporter: some people didn't even wait for the big sales. they were out early this afternoon buying things like shoes. going to stores like banana republic. over all a lot of people shopping today sale or no sale and i love the ladies i met at target. up from l.a. for the auto show and get this. they didn't even buy anything that was on sale. but ye
, nudists making their point and taking it all off in san francisco city hall. >> a baby born with part of her heart outside her body. what doctors are doing to help her survive. >> and we are tracking rain on live doppler 7hd. sandhya patel will let us know when you will need the umbrella tomorrow. and then later on "nightline". >> i'm terry moran. coming up next on "nightline" from kipper apps to seasonal traps. our insiders crack the codes to getting the best deals on gifts this holiday season. and after 15 years, 98 cities and a record breaking run, we will bring you behind the sceness of the making of the lion king. >> stay with us. >>> an update on the breaking news at the top of the broadcast. the search for a man who fell into a quarry full of water in oakland. now to john alston live at the scene. john? >> dan, we have new information since our last live report. some divers from the alameda dive team have approached the water. you can see them getting ready on the side of the quarry. earlier about 7:15 a man sliped off of a cliff and falling a hundred feet into the water. he ha
. >> the chp in the south bay say other cities like san carlos and redwood city asked for reserves in anticipation of. the wednesday. the chp is emphasizing people have a nondrinking designated driver because interestingly they say they arrest a lot of designated drivers who thought it was okay to have a few drinks. reporting live on university avenue and palo alto, alan wang, abc7 news. jay black wednesday. alan, thanks. >>> sports is making news. late word on who will quarterback for the 49ers this sunday. coach jim harbaugh has has decided to start cappernick. he lead them to a big victory because smith was sidelined. but they say smith's health was not an issue in this decision. larry beil will show you what happened the last time cappernick faced the saints. that's coming up later in sports. >>> the rain has moved out and it looks like we are in store for a dry thanksgiving in the bay area. sandhya patel is here with a look at live doppler 7hd. >> you will not find anything on live doppler 7hd. the skies are clear with a couple of clouds. with the clear skies comes the cold we
was the innocent victim of one of the city's most violent crime spree. he was killed outside a 7-eleven in an attempted carjacking. services will be held at the darling fisher memorial chapel in campbell tomorrow morning at 10:00. >>> a pilot has died after crashing his small plane in calaveras county. it went down a mile south of the calaveras county airport. this is the scene near the crash near san andre yeses. the plane is described as an experimental aircraft. the pilot was the only one on board, and his identity has not been released. still no word on what caused the accident. >>> 80s icon larry hagman has died. he is probably best known as the oil baron jr ewing on "dallas." he recently revised his role on a reboot for cable. according to a newspaper linda gray and patrick duffy were at his bedside when he passed away late this afternoon. he died of cancer and was 81 years old. >>> an explosion that rocked springfield, massachusetts was caught on camera. look at this video. the blast leveled a bar and damaged 12 buildings nearby. it was fueled by a gas leak. nobody died, but 18 p
city that transported kids to a winter playland. >>> forget black >> ama: locked out nhl players hit the ice too raise money for super storm sandy vices. -- sandy victims. it was called operation hat trick. tickets sold from 20 to $100 each and the nhl players association plans to throw in an additional $20,000. >> a totalr season of 422 reguln games have been cancelled so far, and yesterday the nhl pulled the plug on the all-star weekend, but the lockout is giving local minor hearings a -- minor leaguers a chance to shine. reporter: hockey is back on the ice here in the bay area tonight, and sharks fans say, who needs the shark tank when you have the cow palace and a brand new team? >> call it major league hockey without all the glitz. >> kettle corn! >> or the glamor. >> hive five in the bulls, right? >> yes. >> the san francisco bulls, a minor league team, is playing their nine home game and have a loyal following from sharps fans cho who have no team. >> all the games i have seen here this they're well matched. >> missing your sharks. >> yeah. >> this is henry's second bulls game
even toward new orleans. 73 degrees there. 42 in denver with some sunshine. salt lake city forts 7. and even seattle will be a dry day at 46 degrees. around our state, some fog problems early tomorrow morning. the central valley, fresno, bakersfield and down toward l.a.x. maybe some flight delays early tomorrow morning as well as sfo with some of the visibilities dropping off around the bay area. other than that terrific weather. 80 palm springs, 69 for fresno. tahoe 54. a dry day for us here locally. monday and tuesday, tuesday of change as the clouds thicken up. storm system number one will move in on wednesday. rain and wind. we will get a break on thursday, and then another system will move in on friday with more rain and wind. very unsettled right through next weekend as well. we'll keep you updated on that. >> thank you, leigh. >>> shu is here with sports. stamps are thinking rose bowl. >> they will host ucla for the title and a ticket to the rose bowl. wait, didn't they just play yesterday? they did and they will >>> stanford and ucla will face-off in their first pack 12 cha
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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